Monday, July 1, 2013

Carpet Tape Chronicles Revisited

Good Monday Morning Friends!

Last week, while browsing the DIY & Crafts area of Pinterest, I ran across this fantastic quilt design. Right away I knew I wanted to recreate it using an old favorite Club Scrap® technique.

quilt inspiration piece

A few years back Club Scrap made a video series that featured Carpet Tape, a super sticky double-sided adhesive tape used in laying carpet and found in most hardware stores. After refreshing my memory by watching the video on the Herringbone technique, I set out to recreate the basic pattern I found on the quilt. 

Click HERE to see the video. 
Here are the step by step instructions.

my collection of HPops

1. Cut strips of light to dark green card stocks in .25, .5, and .75 inch widths. I chose Raku metallic, Asian Artisan light green print, and All that Jazz dark green HPOPs

green cardstock strips

2. Cut strips of light to dark blue card stocks in .25, .5, .75 and 1.25 inch widths. I chose Versailles denim blue, Rhapsody blue, Written Word pale blue, and Scholarship navy blue HPOPs

3. Take a scrap of white copy paper (approx. 5x7 inches) and completely cover in carpet tape. Trim this sheet in half horizontally at 3.5 inches.

carpet tape adhered onto copy paper

4. Remove the carpet tape backing paper and carefully lay down the strips of card stock in a diagonal fashion, starting with the greens first.

piece trimmed and blue carpet tape backing removed

front of piece showing blue strips adhered to carpet tape

back of piece showing green strips adhered

5. Repeat with the blue card stock strips.

6. Trim the excess card stock from the perimeter of each of the carpet taped rectangles.

blue and green panels after trimming

7. Using a paper trimmer, cut into varying width strips. Lay them next to one another alternating between blue and green strips. The angles of the papers should run in opposite directions (all green stripes running one way and blue stripes running in the other.)

blue and green strips 

8. Using ATG tape adhesive, attach these strips to another piece of copy paper and trim off excess white paper. Tip: Attach the adhesive to the copy paper and then lay down the strips. I chose not to use more carpet tape for this step as it is quite thick and I didn't want to add any more weight to the panels.

strips adhered to copy paper backing

*I had leftover green strips which I put together by themselves.

Now that you have created these panels, you can create any type of project you choose.
I made three thank you cards with my carpet tape pieces.

Additional Club Scrap Products used:
Thanks. - Body and Soul Unmounted Rubber Stamp sheet
Green Handmade Cardstock - Evergreen Kit
Spruce Green - CS Hybrid Ink 
Sapphire Blue - CS Hybrid Ink

Additional items: 
shimmer ribbon from stash
white card stock die cut on Silhouette SD
kraft and white card bases from stash

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!!

Julie Heyer


  1. I love carpet tape! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I enjoyed the original carpet tape chronicles so much! thank you for bringing them back and adding a new technique. I love how this looks and your instructions are so helpful. I also really like how you have your hpops filed away. I am thinking I need to copy that idea.

  3. good article, BUT caution: the adhesive in most carpet tapes contains LATEX!
    for more information on latex allergy, please visit...

  4. What a great inspiration piece, and I just love how your completed cards turned out. Great job!

  5. Thanks for the reminder - I loved ALL those Carpet Tape Chronicle videos, esp the herringbone one.

  6. I like the design. Makes a fun background.

  7. Super, Julie! I still have so much carpe ttape and scraps enough.
    Thanks for reviving the carpet tape! Wonderful samples.

  8. Great sample
    I need to try this again

  9. Great idea. I've always liked this design in quilts, I need to try it in paper.
    I bought the wider Scor Tape to use instead of carpet tape since I didn't like how thick it was.

  10. Great job as usual, Julie, with really complete instructions.
    I had recently heard about the "herringbone technique" (maybe a week ago) and wondered how to do it and here you are with a tutorial and a link to a video. What else can a southern girl ask fo' ?


  11. This looks a lot easier than with fabric! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I was playing around with this again recently. It's so fun to do.


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