Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Sketches Plus

You might not know that every month, in addition to the assembly instructions we provide with your collections, we create a layout sketch.

But this isn't just a sketch.

It's your very own assembly-line-style sketch with precise cutting instructions to help you finish it up in no time without waste! Oh, heavens, don't you hate wasting paper? It's almost as bad as never using paper and allowing it to languish unloved in your stash.

How 'bout we use the new Wisteria Layout Card to drum up some inspiration? (If you're a member of Club Scrap, a link to this sheet will arrive in your email inbox on shipping day.)

Select some brand spankin' new Wisteria papers from the "Gather" list:

8.5x11 Paper A - Light Purple Print
12x12 Paper B - White Print
8.5x11 Paper C - Celery Plain
12x12 Paper D - Dark Purple Plain
(2) 12x12 Paper E - Light Purple Plains

Trim the papers according to the step by step instructions and lay everything out as shown in the sketch. Just remember that this is simply a starting point. Rotating and changing things up is certainly your choice! I added several additional photos to the page. I like how I was able to use 11 pictures without it feeling too cluttered.

And my finished pages! Check out how this Virginia winery created a huge wall hanging above the tasting room bar by stringing corks through fishing line and hanging them to form the word "love."

For the title, paint Thickers with white acrylic paint, stamp with lettering and Amethyst ink, and layer onto a contrasting panel.

With Summer Camp happening right now, take your layout recipe cards for a spin! You'll rack up some points for your cabin in a jiffy!



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