Friday, August 16, 2013

Enjoying Tribal Lite!

Friday Greetings Bloggers!
Tribal Lite (A.K.A Junior) just shipped yesterday and I'm in full swing of enjoying this collection!
The Tribal Lite Scrap Rap is now available, it starts on page 10 of Club Scrap's Tribal Collection Online Magazine. So check it out there for more details!

For now, I want to show off how much fun I've had with the PlayColor Metallics, they are lovingly packed as a goodie inside the Tribal Lite Kit.

The PlayColor Metallics are Poster Paints packed into a neat stick. The paint comes out moist and then dries and doesn't smear after a short time. Using a grid ruler as a guide, I've created a decorative border on my card here.

It even looks cool on Tricia's ALSB pages.

Another great idea is using the PlayColor with Club Scrap Stencils!

So when your Tribal Lite Kit arrives, enjoy!!
Hoping you have time to be creative this weekend, thanks for stopping by Club Scrap Creates!


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