Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three for Tuesday Technique

Happy Tuesdee, Bloggers!

I made three cards in a real big hurry today. That's because I had a crazy day. Does this happen to you? But I've had this idea rolling around in my brain, so I acted on it.

This is something you can do super-duper quick that will make you look like a genius.

1. Stamp some art onto a piece of Ivory paper. My random scrap measured 4.25x9". My stamp choice was the cool medallion from the Tribal Art Nouveau Unmounted Stamps. (I have a really hard time spelling Nouveau. It's worse than trying to spell fuchsia.)

2. Place the stamped paper into a ScorePal with the plain side up. Score every half inch, horizontally and vertically.

3. Rub a CS® Ash ink pad directly onto the raised grid formed by the score lines. I like the Ash color for this . . .  it's a little less harsh than black. Do you have that Ash inkpad? If you don't . . . well, we can fix that. It's sort of like a soft charcoal gray, and it's pretty.

4. Trim the sheet of artwork into three 3x4.25" pieces. Matte with Black (3.25x4.5") and Red (4x5.25"); layer onto a Gray (5.5x8.5", folded) card. I attached the artwork with black photo mounting corners.

5. Add a stamped greeting. This sentiment is from the Tribal Collection Unmounted Stamps I experimented with placement of the same greeting on all three cards. I can't decide which spot I like best.

There you go. Five quick steps to three quite fabulous cards.



  1. Tricia, this was one of my favorite techniques you demoed on Craft TV weekly back in the day. Love the whole TILE look, I definitely need to play with this more, love everything about it! And your cards are gorgeous.

    1. If anyone is interested, here is a link to the video Tricia did on TV Weekly.

  2. Tricia, love this - so sharp looking. Connie

  3. Love this and how easy! Thanks Tricia! Mary S

  4. Thanks, I need to make some quickie cards later this afternoon and this looks like it will fit the bill. I think I'll pull the big flower from Rhapsody.

  5. Great... something else for me to CASE! I sure hope Keri isn't reading this post for she may be getting one of these from me in the Birthday Swap, LOL!

  6. So easy and SO COOL! I love love love this and my brain is whirling with ideas of ther medallion-type stamps from CS that would work.... Rhapsody, Sorrento....oooh what about Xmas wreaths???.....

  7. Anything quick and beautiful is always welcome in my book. Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique.

  8. Just realized these will probably work with that last bit of yummy metallic red left over from the ALSB set, yes?

  9. Simple, classy and elegant!

  10. Very pretty! Sometimes I think that I really need to buy myself a scoring board.


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