Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspiration is everywhere, if you know where to look!

Club Scrap is blessed with some of the most talented scrapbookers, stampers and papercrafters. When your muse takes a vacation, there are a few key places to visit that will have your crafting mojo revved up in no time!

Number one on my list is this blog. I'm so proud of how far we've come in just a little over a year (our one-year "blogiversary" was in May). And since February of this year, we've had the honor of partnering with numerous other talented bloggers, to celebrate all things crafty with the monthly Blog Hop. Just look at some examples of all the crafty goodness shared last week on the Wisteria Blog Hop!

So many of the Wisteria projects blew me away! After 6 months of Blog Hops, I have so many MORE awesome ideas floating around in my head than before . . . now I just need the time to make them a reality. Sigh.

Now that our "Pro Scrapbookers League" Summer Camp challenges have come to a close, the Club Scrap Galleria is chock-full of awesome scrapbook pages, greeting cards, digital art, and other papercraft projects. No shortage of inspiration there!

Have you checked out the free Scrap Rap Magazine recently? I know I'm biased, but I think this monthly publication just keeps getting better and better. Not only is there a TON of eye candy in the way of beautiful photographs, but each issue features at least one new technique to try to stretch those creative muscles.

Finally, my very favorite source of creative inspiration starts tomorrow: Our annual Club Scrap Retreat! Four days with 50 new friends, learning and sharing, and laughing and wining and dining . . . can you tell I'm excited? Actually, the fun for me, and 17 others, kicks off tonight at a pre-Retreat wine tasting this evening. I can't wait!

So, I guess what I'm saying is, if you ever find yourself needing a little creative boost, look to the amazing resources inspired by, and created by, your fellow Club Scrappers.

Have an amazingly creative day!


  1. Karen, you're absolutely right! We are all blessed with such amazing talent in this group - I have learned so much from everyone, it never ceases to amaze me.

    Have fun at wine tasting tonight (and have a sip for me!) and I'll see you tomorrow!

  2. These things you listed are all fantastic!! Have a blast at Retreat!


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