Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top Ten Tools

Hi Everyone! Happy Thursday!

CS Member ‘sdscrapper’ started a thread in the CS forum about a month ago about your favorite crafting tools. It started as ‘your favorite tool’ (singular), then a few folks posted their top three or five. I decided to up the ante to my top ten. Ten is a good number. I got a good alliterative blog title out of it!

1. Photoshop
Okay, as much as I love my paper, these days I really can’t live without Photoshop. I use it for my day job, my CS job and for crafting. It is #1 on my list. And for folks who are just getting started in the wonderful world of digi or just think that the full version of Photoshop is a little ‘over the top,’ consider Photoshop Elements.

2. Bone Folder
I love my bone folder and I’m not afraid to admit that! It also doubles as a scoring tool and a burnishing tool. Who doesn’t love a multitasker, right?

3. 12" Trimmer
It’s not easy to be a paper crafter without a good trimmer, and my ‘go to’ for years has been my large base 12” Tonic Trimmer. We recently learned that they’re not gonna be making them anymore (GASP!), but the good folks at CS have been auditioning a few other nice alternatives.

4. CS Grid Rulers
They come in a few different sizes, and it really does pay to have one of each (or more than one of each for that moment one of them gets buried during a crafting frenzy.) Plus, they double as mounts for your unmounted stamps. Once again, multitasking is a good thing!

5. Crop-a-dile
I’ve got the desktop model and it’s great for punching holes and setting eyelets.

6. Corner Chomper
The best corner rounder out there, IMHO. I’ve owned several different brands over the years, but this one rocks! Easy on the hands, and you can chomp Club Scrap's heavier stock or several pages at once. And you get two different rounders in one punch! Club Scrap will have these on hand soon.

7. Craft ‘Utility’ Knife & Cutting Mat
(Some will argue that I'm listing two tools, but you use them together. I’m counting them as one!)
I’ve confessed that I’m a craft knife phobic, but I learned about this utility knife at the 2010 Retreat. It seems to be the only knife that I can use well. Forget those flimsy pen knives. They just don’t cut it for me :) For a cutting mat, my favorite is my Tonic Glass Mat. I prep it with a light coat of a 50/50 mixture of Mount-It and water. The paper doesn't move and I get a clean cut every time.

8. Envelope Punch Board
The folks at We R Memory Keepers are just creating some of the best tools. It’s cleverly designed, easy to use, includes two punches in one, and makes envelopes in bunches of different sizes. And for all that it can do, it’s quite reasonably priced, too. Plus, Tricia keeps coming up with things to make with this thing besides envelopes.

9. Scor-Pal
I was a Scor-it fan for a lot of years, but I was hearing good things about the Scor-Pal, so I gave it a try and it lives up to the praise. I really like the fact that you can do multiple scores without moving the paper, and I think it handles heavier paper better than Martha’s version. Club Scrap will have these back in stock soon!

10. Scissors
Oh yah, 'ya gotta have a good pair. I actually have several: a pair of EK Success Cutter Bees are my ‘all-purpose’ scissors. They also make them with non-stick blades. Judi-Kins sells a pair with short, pointed blades that are excellent for ‘fussy-cutting’ and the finger holes are large enough for my fat fingers. Tonic spring-loaded scissors are awesome for cutting UM sheets.

So there you have it. My ten favorite crafting tools. Are all of these in your stash of favorites, too? Please post a comment and let me know what's on your list!

See you next week!



  1. I think you nailed the top ten tools Ron! I don't consider Photoshop to be in my top ten but you know what, it most definitely belongs in your top ten! :)

  2. That's just about what I would pick Ron. Great post!

  3. I have to say, I have everything you listed except Photoshop and the utility knife.
    Great list Ron!


  4. Great list...I'd have to agree with all of them. Maybe just in a slightly different order, LOL.

  5. I'll replace the utility knife with my Sizzix Big Shot.

    I'd like to replace the PhotoShop Elements with my Cricut, but, unfortunately, they are about equal in my craft room.

  6. I'll replace the utility knife with my Sizzix Big Shot.

    I'd like to replace the PhotoShop Elements with my Cricut, but, unfortunately, they are about equal in my craft room.

  7. Hmm - I think its pretty close to my list. Photoshop I really only use for digi and not in my craft space. And you did not include a good adhesive - my ATG is the winner for most things but I love bookbinding glue for projects and mount-it for my stamps. My friend got me that awesome utility knife at retreat 2010 - Thanks Jenny! - my first retreat was in 2011. I do really like those little retractable craft knifes that CS had - I bought a ton on sale so I am set for life probably! but those little (they don't have them anymore) knives look like pens and go through airport security without issue.

  8. not "fat" fingers, Ron. MAN fingers. :)


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