Friday, September 6, 2013

The Masked Drop Shadow Technique

Happy Friday, Bloggers!

Academy stamps are perfect for back-to-school cards!
Now that most students are back in action, it's a great time to send a "Good Luck" card. I just happened to have my Academy wood mounted stamps handy and started collage-stamping on a 5x7 card panel.

Cutting a mask (from recycled copy paper) with our Academy Memoranda Stamp was easy because it's pretty close to a rectangle. No time for fussy cutting today! The paper mask makes it possible to stamp a second layer over the first stamped image without covering it. So handy!

Check out how great the mask works when I sponge an inked shadow around the image with our awesome foam applicator. It's like adding a drop shadow in PhotoShop, except without a computer. And without PhotoShop. LOL.

For the sentiment, I grabbed my tried 'n true "Good Luck" stamp from the Wild, Wild West collection and stapled it onto the card panel.

The Academy Memoranda, Book Plate, and Progress Report stamps made the perfect card for my favorite student away at school.

In honor of the fact that the kiddos are back in school, I think we should put these stamps on sale. They've been discounted to a price too crazy to mention. (You do the math. It's academic.)

I hope the students in your life are having a great start to the year!

Thanks for stopping by . . .
Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Nice job, I can ALWAYS use good stamping pointers like this! Really!

  2. Love it. The masking and drop shadow really make the images "pop"! I think I have to go dig those stamps out...

  3. I love Collages and the dark shadow makes this card outstanding, I bet bookshelves stamps would make an awesome card like this as well.

  4. WOW, very cool technique Kay! Thanks

  5. Thanks a lot! It kind of has a masculine look, wouldn't you say? Also - so fun having the Academy items 75% off in GHM, yeah!!!

  6. oh, this card is totally awesome! Love the shadowing technique. Thanks, Kay.

  7. Kay this technique ROCKS!! I absolutely love how it makes the images pop right off the page!!!

  8. This is fabulous. I am totally copying this!!!! It is perfect to send to a lot of young friends who have just started at college.

  9. Where can I find those stamps? I love the look. I have a large envelope of masks. They come so handy. I love the look of the images.

    1. Louise, Club Scrap has these stamps available right now at 75% off, perfect time to pick them up! There is a link above in the blog for these stamps, or go to and search for Academy, you'll find all those stamps there at a screamin' deal. Enjoy!

  10. Wonderful technique, Kay! Gotta dig those stamps out and play!


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