Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Video Tutorial - Cute Coin Envie

In case you haven't noticed, I'm really enjoying my Envelope Punch Board. It was one of those things I thought I'd never need. I can totally make my own envelope in any size by calculating just one simple measurement.

I love this thing because you can do lots more with the wee gadget than just make envelopes in a jiffy. (I really like gadgets. The useful kind. Ask my kitchen.)

So. I wanted to make a coin envelope.

Did you ever notice that coin envelopes aren't anything like regular envelopes? Since the base paper for the punchboard envelope starts out as a square, I ran into a snag because the flaps are goofy. But I solved that. I'm going to share my solution so you don't have to go to the trouble of cutting, scoring, punching, scratching your head, and sneaking all sorts of disaster attempts into the circular file.

Better yet, I'm going to share my solution with a video. Enjoy!

I used the following items:
12x12 Take Wing Lime Print
Envelope Punch Board
Paper Piercing Tool and Cork Board
3/4" Circle Punch
(2) Mini Brads
12" Paper Trimmer
Bone Folder
2x8" Acrylic Grid Ruler

Creatively Yours,


  1. Great video tutorial Tricia! I really need to play some more with my punch board!

  2. Looks like a gift card would fit in one of these, hmmmmmTFS

  3. Clever! Love finding out that this tool is useful for more than just 'traditional' envelopes!

  4. Another awesome video, Tricia! Thanks!

  5. Wow thanks for the video and your time working out how to measure and make this cute envie!

  6. I did mine at 6-1/2" using the same score marks as yours. It made more of a traditional size coin envelope. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Love it! So cute. Thanks, Tricia.

  8. Cool idea,....keep em coming.

  9. What a cute idea - and thanks for taking a lot of the ???? out of it for us!

  10. So awesome Tricia! I love making little envelopes and can't wait to try this out.


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