Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Card Box Tutorial and Video

Happy Tuesday!

Our entire staff will be meeting soon to reflect on 2013 and brainstorm for 2014. We value your thoughts . . . can you take a second and complete a brief survey? We didn't want to pester you with an email today, so I'll just pester you here.

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Thank you!

And to thank you for your time, here's a fun little bonus project just in time for gift giving season!

Here's what you'll need:
(I used supplies from the Hopes and Up, Up & Away Collections, but I can imagine this in a year's worth of CS kits!!)
  • 6.25x10.75" Outer Case Paper
  • (2) 4.5x6" Outer Case Panels
  • 1x6" Spine Panel
  • 5x8-3/8" Card Pocket Paper
  • 1.5x12" Envelope Band
  • 2.25x4" Postage Stamp Pocket
  • (8) A2 envelopes
  • (4) 8.5x11" Papers
  • Stuff to decorate eight cards
  • Corner Chomper
  • Ribbon Closure
  • Adhesive and Tape
  • Score-Pal
  • Scissors
1. Score the 6.25x10.75 Outer Case Paper horizontally at 4.75 and 6". Round outside corners and fold along scorelines to form the case.

2. Round corresponding corners of the 4.5x6" Outer Case panels with the 1/2" setting on the Corner Chomper. Sandwich ribbon closure between the panels and outside of the case before attaching. (Don't be like me and forget to do this.) Nest the 1x6" Spine Panel to the outside spine.

3. Score 2" from each outside edge of the 5x8-3/8" Card Pocket Paper. Make four vertical cuts along the scorelines, stopping at each intersecting score. Fold along scorelines, place adhesive on the outside of the four corner tabs, and fold into a box shape. Attach to the right side of the case.

4. Score 1/2" from one long edge and both short edges of the 2.25x4" Stamp Pocket Paper. Cut at an angle through the intersecting scorelines. Fold to create three flaps and adhere to the inner box.

5. Wrap the 1.5x12" Envelope Band vertically around eight A2 envelopes; secure with tape. Place adhesive on the back of the band and attach to the inside left cover of the case.

6. Score each 8.5x11" paper vertically at 4.25". Trim horizontally at 5.5" to create eight card bases. Decorate notecards with elements from the collection including the 8.5x11" Club Stamp print, Greetings to Go cutaparts, etc. In fact, I didn't even use a single stamp to make my cards today. That was nice, because I'm doing lots of stamping for tomorrow's blog hop.

7. Repeat.

But really. Wouldn't a video be helpful? Kay was kind enough to film the card case-making action. Take five and check it out.

I liked this project because of its simplicity and usefulness. Spread some Club Scrap joy this season to your friends, family and teachers. They'll love it!

Creatively Yours,


  1. You are awesome Tricia! What a fabulous gift idea!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Love this so much Tricia! Always fun to see a video too :)

  3. Love it Tricia! Will defniitely be making these for Christmas gifts this year! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  4. Great gift and so simple too. Love it!

  5. Thanks, definitely making these for some card gifts this year. Tricia, on the survey, did you mean to omit stamps from the question about kit contents?

    1. Hi, Connie! Nope . . . sorry, that omission was not intended. If you'd like to leave comments in the open fields regarding stamps, you are welcome to do so.

  6. I enjoyed taking the survey yesterday but did add some comments about stamps at the end.

  7. Tricia...another cute and quick project for giving cards this Christmas. I have so many ideas now to choose from. I forgot to mention stamps when I took the survey. Please don't take them away. Is there a link to print these instructions?

  8. I see the link comes on after leaving a comment.

  9. What a cute little gift idea - so many ideas and paper - so little time.....

  10. great idea, and perfect timing to whip up some Christmas gifts! Thanks, always fun too see your videos, reminds me of Craft TV

  11. Love this project - will definately be making some for Christmas gifts! Thank You!

  12. Nice project, thanks for the inspiration!

  13. what a great idea for teacher's gifts.

  14. Fabulous idea. I am going to be making these for gifts. Thanks so much for sharing this idea with all of us.
    Cindy Lou

  15. Love this club and all the talented staff you employ. Great idea for gift giving. Tricia just a Thank you for the generous time you give to all of us. AGR.

  16. This project will make excellent Christmas presents! Thanks!!

  17. I just watched the video. Wow!!! This will make some great Christmas gifts! Thank you, Tricia!


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