Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stationer's Box Workshop

I had a blast teaching the two-part Stationer's Box Workshop. The idea was to spend the first portion experimenting with our new line of Neon Dabbers and Neon Ink Pads with the ultimate goal of making card panels for the nifty handmade gift box we'd make in round two.

How rare it is to have time to simply experiment and play! And play, we did. 

Results of just some of my play time . . . 

Then, making the gift box provided a practical way to showcase our creativity. I love how the materials for this project come from sheets of paper measuring 12" or smaller, making it very duplicatable with items from your stash. Even though the window in the box was a bit of a project, it gives it such a nice finishing touch.

Jac really "heard me" when I explained what I was looking for on the sheet of unmounted stamps we designed for this workshop. The images and colors complemented so well. We call it "Neon Doodles." The solid circles all fit into the open design circles perfectly. Love them!

Workshop videos for the Retreat-in-a-box folks air after the chat tonight. Can't wait to have you join us!

Do some doodling today!


  1. Loved playing and the neon was so fun!! Really love those Tribal samples, another beautiful experiment!!

  2. This was one of my favorite projects! I've been giving the new neon goodies and that stamp set a workout since I got them. Love it!

  3. Another FANTASTIC workshop, loved playing with all the new products!!

  4. This was a terrific pair of workshops and I love the new products. Thank you Tricia for expanding the product line with these amazing dabbers and ink pads.

  5. This class was so much fun. The cards were so cute and easy to make. The neon colors against the black just pop! Thanks Tricia

  6. Tricia these are so fun and bright and Stunning!!!! I have been loving this doodled look for a while and I how to snatch up the rubber asap! Janice

  7. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! That's what this class was! Loved the playfulness of the doodle stamps and the pop of neon goodness!

  8. This was a GREAT workshop! Loved playing and really like the stationary box (something that I will make over & over again). Thank you!

  9. These cards are just so cute and happy looking. Can't wait to make my own set!

  10. Love these cards and ditto what Lucy says!

  11. I was just playing with (finishing up) these cards last night. But sadly, "finishing up" just made me want to make MORE!!! These were such great classes, Tricia! Love the "perfected" box pattern, and the new inks are AWESOME!

    1. Thank you so much, Toni! I'm so happy you had fun and enjoyed the project. Make more!!!


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