Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Desktop Organizer--A Place for Everything!

Happy Wednesday!

I had the pleasure of teaching a second workshop at Retreat this year: The Desktop Organizer. I just LOVE this project! I'm the kinda person that needs to SEE what I have to remember to use it. The Desktop Organizer allows me to do just that, put everything out right where I can see it. (Of course, I have a lot of "stuff", so just one organizer wasn't going to quite do it for me.)

This idea was first sparked by an idea shared by Club Scrap member, Lynn Mathers. In the hands of our Design Team, the idea eventually morphed into this amazing way to store your tools and supplies.

Classroom version.
The original "classroom" Organizer features ten individual compartments; nine that are about 3x3" in size and one in the rear sized to fit your 8x8" Grid Ruler perfectly! It also includes optional inner dividers, perfect for keeping your pens, markers, Gelatos stored upright. 

Ink storage variation in background.
The Ink Storage variation has the same ten compartments, but instead of inner dividers, it features risers to create custom storage for your CS Hybrid Ink Pads, Re-inkers and Ink Applicators.

I really like projects that are fun to create, but it's great to have the added bonus of something that is totally functional as well. Pretty and useful? SCORE!

If you love what you've seen here on the blog this week, there are still just a couple of Retreat in a Boxes left in our online shop if you "have to have it all". You can also check out individual Retreat projects and products that will go live in our online store on Monday. Stay tuned!

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  1. I have mine loaded up and love it so much!! What a fantastic idea Lynn brought to the table, thanks!!

  2. This was my other favorite project from retreat. (OK, they were all my favorite.) I have both versions sitting on my desk and they are the most useful things! Also, they look pretty great too.

  3. This was one of my favorites too, I loaded mine up as soon as I got it home! I used the ink storage variation but left one of the upper cubbies deep for my long ink applicators.

  4. When we made this at Retreat, I was like, "But I already HAVE an organizational system. This just isn't going to work for me." But when my box from Retreat arrived, I was like, "This is just so fabulous. Perhaps I CAN find a spot for it..." And guess what--it fit PERFECTLY into a corner on my craft table and is already filled with a variety of crafty items that needed a home! LOVE IT!!!

  5. These look fantastic! I know how sturdy they are, as I've made many a project too.
    I can hardly wait for Monday to roll around and snap one up :)
    Janice in WI

  6. I so need to put my into use, I have plans but I really need to borrow Farley's backhoe and dig out then fill it with everything that doesn't already have a place to go. I have lots of ideas and may need to make another one or 2.

  7. I sure hope this project will still be available in GHM by the time the Retreaters and RIAB ladies have had their shot at shopping! I NEED this! LOL! Majorly cool, Karen!

  8. I Love this organizer! - I can't say this was my favorite project beccause I can't DECIDE which is my favorite. I loved all of the retreat projects. This organizer would make great holiday gifts - just sayin'!

  9. I LOVE what the design team came up with to make this thing sturdy and extremely useful! I definitely need at least two to hold my things. However, a sticky problem for me all along has been that I do a lot of traveling to crops outside my home, which entails packing up tools and supplies. It's a real pain to have to pack/unpack them each time. Over time I have found varying sizes of traveling totes that hold things for different supplies, but now I find I like giving them a more permanent home in these stationary organizers on my workshop table.
    I've come to the sad conclusion that I must now just bite the bullet and buy a second set of tools and supplies that can remain packed up and ready to go!
    ... Sigh ... will it ever end ???? ;)

    1. I, too, find I have a travel set and a stay home set of my most used tools and supplies. That way I don't forget something I can't live without! and it saves time packing.

  10. I'm slowly filling mine up, found my galetoes, so in they go

  11. One of my favorite projects from the retreat--completed, even painted, and in use on my desk. Looks great and oh, so practical!

  12. I can't wait to make mine! I ordered a second classroom version and an ink version. I'll definitely find a use for all 3~now I just need to make an accessible flat surface to store them!

  13. Already ordered my second version! Thank you! So excited about these workshops.


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