Friday, September 14, 2012

For The Love Of Quotes!

Fabulous Friday wishes to you from Kay here at Club Scrap!

I've been wanting to share my love for quotes in paper crafting, so here I am doing just that! Each month I look forward to the new quotes on the Club Scrap rubber stamps, cutaparts and diecuts while I cherish my old favorites.

Looking back a bit, we've had silly quotes....

...and more serious quotes,

quotes that are good advice..

and quotes that are well wishing.

I've used quotes on projects...

...on wood...

...on houses...

...on eggs...

...on canvas... the cork of a bottle...

...inside a teeny bottle (does OX OX count as a quote?)

...rolled up and in a glass bulb for Christmas gifts...

...and, on a scroll as an ornament.

I've used quotes to decorate boxes...

....even if the box is in the shape of a flip flop.

Of course I've used rubber stamped quotes to decorate books, lots of books!


or small..

never underestimate the power of a quote!

Don't "quote" me on this, or more like, you CAN quote me on this - I think Club Scrap has the best quotes ever!

I know many of you are quote lovers also - if you've got a quote on your mind that you've been dying to see made into a rubber stamp, I've started a thread on the CS Community so that you can make your requests there:
Hope to see you there.

Thanks for stopping by,
Kay and Club Scrap


  1. I've been a quote lover for years and years - thanks for this very cool post, Kay! and Thanks for starting that thread in the forums - we all definitely need more quotes in our lives!!

  2. I also love quotes and think this is such a fun post. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing artwork with us from over the years.

  3. Great post! You reminded me of so many wonderful stamped images you have posted. I need to go add some stuff to that thread in the Forum!

  4. Kay, you rock it. Your blog entry sort of reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book. Except cuter.

  5. These are wonderful....thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Thanks soooo much! and I love seeing all the cool quote requests on the Forum, thanks again.


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