Thursday, September 13, 2012

Digital Greetings and Facebook

Happy Thursday! Ron from Club Scrap here. Today I'd like to take a few moments and talk about Facebook and how you can make an impact with digital greeting cards.

I'll venture to guess that most of the readers here are also on Facebook. I know I am - a few years ago, my sister Renee told me that if I want to see up to date photos of my nieces, I needed to be on Facebook; now I have over 250 Facebook friends! One of Facebook's many features is a notification to let you know that one of your friends is having a birthday, at which point, all of that person's friends send some type of 'Happy Birthday' message and the lucky recipient get's dozens of well wishes for that special day. Unfortunately, all of those greetings start to look alike because they're just simple little text messages.

Wanna make your 'Happy Birthday' message stand out from the rest? Make a digital greeting using a Club Scrap Digital™ kit!

Bold Blooms

Digital cards are really easy to make - typically, they take a lot less time than a layout to make and when you share them with your friends on Facebook (or email, if you wanna go that route), people notice!
Pure & Simple

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, make a digital card or two and create a digital 'stash' for yourself. And don't limit yourself to just birthday cards - 'Thinking of You,'  'Happy Anniversary,' 'Thank You,' & 'Just to say Hi' cards can also come in handy!

Mixed Kit card

Then the next time Facebook reminds you that your friend is having a birthday (or you see a post that lets you know that someone needs a virtual hug), send them a digital greeting - it will let them know how very special they are to you!


  1. Ron, This is a fantastic idea!! Love it!
    And your digi cards rock!

  2. What a great suggestion! Do you save the cards as jpgs and just upload a photo to a friend's page?

    1. Yes, Susan, that's exactly what you do - so easy! And I always save my original Photoshop files, too - that way I can easily customize and reuse cards that I've already created!

  3. Cool idea, Ron. I never understood why someone would make a digital card before. Thanks!

  4. Exactly my thought, Pam. I could not see the sense of a digital card. Now I have a way to use them. Hooray. Thanks to Ron for helping me see something so simple in a new way.


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