Saturday, September 1, 2012

jac's fav thingies!

Howdy All!!  Happy Saturday!
Okey dokey - I'll open September (my birthday month) with my fav thingies! In no particular order (or at least not that I'm admitting to).

I've spent all week compiling the list so it's fairly accurate (at least at this second . . . oops, now it's outdated! darn those passing seconds!!!  i will defeat you, Father Time!!!)  Advance warning: I babble and ramble. Have aspirin ready, hehe.  :) jac

1. Being home with my sofa  and blankie -  I saw you roll your eyes about me having a blankie, hehehehe. Don't ask me if i want to go out to eat- no I don't. Want to go to the mall? No. How about we go blablabla - ok, you lost me at "go".  You go, have a blast!! I'm totally having my own blast here, and I mean that with all sincerity and love!  (I have a shirt that says, Agoraphobic, if you can read this, get the @#$% outta my house! - ok, I really don't but i'm thinkin' of making one, hehehhe).

2. Saturday morning Starbux.  Grande Decaf One-Pump Mocha (once a week on Sat mornings- like today)  mr scott brings me my mocha while i'm still in bed.  That's how he wakes me up so I don't sleep all day.  And part two on this fav thing is the bux cup sleeve - got a hearty (and probably unhealthy) collection of these paper yummies.

3. Health 'n fitness - it's frightening to think back on own my fat days (not quite out of them yet) and frightening to think how underinformed and misinformed the general public is about health and fitness.  Research is key - and don't believe ANYTHING the government tells you about fitness/health - the dairy/chemical/beef/drug industries are writing all the 'guidelines' there. Anytime Fitness Anytime Health . Take an hour or two and visit with Maria, (I've linked her name to her site) you'll be amazed at what you learn.  And I can't be healthy without my Blendtec - green smoothies, meal staple at my place.  My Blendtec is welllll loved and looks like it's beat up many an iphone (search Will It Blend on Youtube).

4. The Packers
-  Go Pack Go (or Pac as jac likes to refer to them)!!  I do not have a big #2 tattoo . . . yet.  ahhh Mason, what a leg! Did you know that you can get a traffic ticket in Wisconsin if you're on the road after kickoff on game day Sunday???

5. Cupcakes - bakin' them pups from scratch, 'nuf said. Eat one, give the rest away, see #3 above.  The kids and neighbors love me . . . Tricia, not so much.  Great cupcakes here.

6. Tea - free swimming green tea -  Friends don't let friends drink bagged tea.  Get it fresh and steep it at the right temp for the right amount of time- it's a science, my friends.  Great tea here.  LoriD and I call these "turds" cuz they look kinda like bunny poopies. - and to go with this; teapots. Buy me a teapot and I'll love you forever.

7.  Karma - do only good, be only good and avoid bad juju and you'll wear a smile always. Don't give into the dark side. What goes around comes around. I see it all the time and am always amazed at the good things that come to the world when we're being good.

8. Hot tub, baby! or just a hot bath, mmmm -   Around our house you'll hear the "hot TEHB" yell go up and is picked up by everyone.  Folks come outta the woodwork in an effort to be the first to the bathroom to change into their suits for hot tub hour.  If it's just me and mr scott, it's a much more civilized "tubba tub time?" "hmmm yeah!"  A foot note about showers - showers are for weird people that like one half of their body cold while the other half tries not to notice the uneven water temp. -  or perhaps these folks feel that self inflicted water-boarding is an acceptable wake up method, hehehe. In other words; I don't do showers.

9. The fam
- If you're a Sound of Music fan, you'll know the line "somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good." Well, that's the only explanation I can come up with for possessing such an exceptional family.  And by fam, I mean my blood and my CS fam's, equally.  They all bear with me, bless them - I'd not choose to do so if I were them.

10. The laptop
- of course it's a Mac and it doesn't go a day without being on my lap. In fact, if I'm not asleep or baking cupcakes, it's on my lap. Unless I'm at Tricia's- she does take me out and walk me now and again and as I don't own a raincoat for the Mac, I can't take it on the boat. And, since it kinda qualifies, I'll add my Nook into this fav - it's named jac's nookie nook, heheheh - movies (both stored on the nook and on Netflix), music (Pandora!) and a bazillion books! (comfort food books by Jane Austen 'n the Brontes, other favs like Laurel K Hamilton, JD Ward, Tina Folsom, Alexandra Ivy, Christine Feehan) a couple brain teaser word games and home to my mag subscriptions (Teatime and Muscle 'n Fitness Hers being two of my favs).

11. Being online
- Skype, yeah, I can't live without Skype. My link to the folks I know that are out playing while I'm at home.  Shopping online - sooooo fun!  Did you know that there isn't ANYTHING that you can't buy online?  I fantasize about not ever leaving the house again!  Netflix - plays all my 'comfort food' movies in the background while I design - I don't need to watch, I know them by heart so I just listen.  So much so that Singer walks around saying "Mr. Daaaarcy" in a really bad english accent.  If you see him at Retreat ask him if he like Pride 'n Prejudice, hehehe.

12.  Groups, sets or collections of things - if it comes in a set or group or there are lots of shapes 'n sizes of something, I have to have it. Make-up brushes, eyeshadows, shoes, bras, glassware, travel shampoos (that i never use), measuring cups 'n spoons . . . the list goes on.  it's a sickness, really. Don't get me started on pens, stamps, crayons and all crafty things - of course you know where I'm coming from there, we're all a little 'out there' in that area.


  1. Ummmm, Jac--you listed, like, 400 things. That was NOT a list of 12 things. NOT!

    1. hehehehe, Tricia, did you really expect anything else from Jac?

  2. Okay, Jac, I KNEW all those things about you!

  3. Great list, Jac, you did not leave anything out.
    Sounds all good to me!

  4. LOL, Jac, you are such a hoot! I LOVE being at home too and really would much rather stay in my jimmie jams all day then go out anywhere!
    Your list rocks!

  5. I have to say you are looking amazing! Loved your list!! Might need to pick your brain on And in case you don't remember me...met you once at GG's bday party years ago. :))

    1. howdy carla!!
      thanks, gal!! definitely get in touch with me, we've got catching up to do!! we'll talk #3, too!! hehehe

    2. hehehe email - i don't do facebook, but i'm online all the time so email gets right though to me. or comes right though to me, too.


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