Friday, August 31, 2012

A Dynamite Dozen Of My Own

Hello! Club Scrap Design Teamer Kay here :)

Sticking with this week's Club Scrap Creates blog theme, here I am with a Dynamite Dozen of my own things that I like. I have to admit, I want to list several things my awesome co-workers have already. They have such good taste, so there may be some duplicates. Here it goes:

1. Miniature Stuff. Little bottles, tiny books, etc.... I seem to be drawn to tiny objects, so darn cute, they make me happy.

2. Club Scrap's White Pigment Ink. The reason is rather black and's just so cool stamped onto black cardstock.

 3. Heart with Wings. I have a necklace with a heart/wings charm, and I adore Club Scrap's From The Heart Wings Of Love stamp because it has that image on it. I'm glad my college roomates don't live in town because they probably would have talked me into a tattoo of it by now (LOL). I saw this wooden heart and wings piece (shown below) attached to a picture frame in the sale bin at a local craft store, I had to carefully cut and pry it off with a large knife (well, after buying it) so that I could paint and attach it to the lid of my altered book music box project.

4. Music Box Project. Speaking of that altered book music box project shown above, here is the inside. It's one of my favorite extra curricular projects. Still on a music box high from my retreat classes last year, I want to make even more! We still had the "Fur Elise" music mechanism in GHM, so it was fun to cut nooks into this old book and install the music box into it - one of my favorite altered creations.

5. Lunch or dinner outside at a local favorite restaurant. Once the weather gets nice enough in Wisconsin, I have to go enjoy the outdoor dining at Fratello's Riverside Restaurant. It's a cool old brick building on the Fox River that used to be a Vulcan Hydroelectric Power Plant waaaay back in its day. Anyway, they have couple of tables set up for outdoor dinning where I certainly like spending  some time.

6. Soldered Charms. Here is the little collection I happen to have on my dresser.

7. Flower gardening. I go to the Farmer's Market when I can for veggies, so I have more space to grow flowers. Marilee snapped this pic of me picking dahlias in our yard.

8. Giving flowers from my garden. I used the dahlias just picked to hopefully brighten a friend's day.

9. Book Board. I certainly can't forget Book Board with all its infinite possibilities. It would be difficult to count how many project prototypes I've cut and made from Book Board.

10. Anything with a cool quote added to it. That gets me every time.

11. Graceful angel statues.

12. Any kind of project that I can incorporate family photos into!

Of course, my favorites can change with the wind, but this concludes my dynamite dozen list for today!

Hoping your day is filled with at least a dozen "things you like".

Thanks for stopping by,
Kay Williamson of Club Scrap


  1. Oh Kay, your list is truly inspiring! I too share a love of gardening and your photo in the yard that Marilee took reminds me of me in my garden! How fun to share so many things in common. :)

  2. it! Your flower garden is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful list, Kay with all the pictures included. This is all so YOU!

  4. Thanks a bunch, such fun blogging going on this week.


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