Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Retreat Projects On My Mind.

Here it is, already, the week of . . . . . August Retreat 2012!

As usual, I'm so excited to see everyone attending, to share the new workshops, and to actually spend a little time with other Club Scrap members. It's going to be soooo much fun!

With this retreat upon us, I also can't help but think back to past retreat workshops. I enjoy being able to look back at these projects all completed and arranged around my home, most of them holding some type of memory for me.

Remember the Frame It Up workshop? It makes a great wall hanging with the combination of my own photos and Club Scrap's artfully torn paper edges....so cool. The version with the Red and Blue paper is still available!

Same project, so many different looks.

And a favorite of mine, the Music Box, (the one that plays "Waltz Of The Flowers" and is deep purple, rust and cream is still available in GHM). I had so much fun with these music boxes and made several for gifts.

And how awesome it is to fill up your very own 12x12 album that you put together yourself in the D-Ring Album workshop! I know there is more than one color still available in this one so check out this workshop online!

The Podium Book Stand Workshop is also one of those fun retreat workshops that I'm happy is still available.

Now, since not all good things can last in GHM (but they can at your house), I'm just looking back at retreat workshops no longer available in GHM, but if you are a project hoarder and didn't Craft-A-Long To The Olympics, maybe you still have one of these in your stash to put together. No better time than this retreat week to do it!

Tricia always inspires me with the techniqes learned at retreat. I thought the chalk technique used on this little gem was so cool!

I had a lot of fun with this Memory Slider Frame, too. Does anyone still happen to have one sitting on their desk? It was great seeing the pics of the decorated frames posted online after retreat!

Every year I do seem to have a new favorite, and the Photo Butler was certainly a fav!

Does anyone remember the Album Case Workshop? Another project I was a bit crazy for :)
Talk about memories!

It's so fun to look forward to this week's retreat as well as look back at the past. Hope you enjoyed the stroll though the retreat projects on my mind!

Thanks for stopping!
Kay Williamson of Club Scrap


  1. Oh Kay, thanks for the memories! I have many of these kits - some made and some not - oh well, that's how it goes sometime! The Memory Slider Frame is one of my favorites - I made mine in the blue/green colors and it's in my Living Room with photos of Greece - I look at it every day!

  2. Oh Ron, thanks for mentioning that, love hearing that! I do have a couple of those Memory Slider frames placed around the house too. So looking forward to this year's retreat and seeing you again!

  3. ....and there are soooo many cool retreat projects I didn't get to mention!

  4. Kay, I also enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I have my Memory Slider Frame on my Baker's Rack where I keep all of my favorite projects and photos in our living room for everyone to admire. I also know that the 3 that I made as gifts are prominently displayed at their recipients homes! What wonderful projects and I am just so sad I won't be able to sit in on the workshops at Retreat this year. I will be getting RIAB so I don't miss any of the fun! :)

  5. Love these pics, Kay. It reminds how close I am to finishing those Retreat projects. I enjoyed every one of these projects SO much. I think my skill in papercrafting has grown just from making these. Many of them were challenging to me, but now I'll try anything!

  6. Kay you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.....cant wait to see what you have waiting for us this year!


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