Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little Nuts For Coconuts!

Things have been a bit nuts here at Club Scrap coming down from our August Retreat high--so much inspiration in one weekend! However, I wanted to sit down and whip up this card using the Castaway Coconut Anatomy Wood Mounted Stamp. Luckily it's still in stock, so why not go nuts with it?
I've got a friend that will enjoy receiving this "Just For You Coconuts" card, for sure.
I stamped the image using Club Scrap's Black India Ink, since this ink won't smudge when I use my watercolor brush with it. Then I added a little watercolor penciling....
..and a little water brushing.
After adding a greeting, my card was all ready to go.
I guess I am a little nuts for this cool stamp.

Thanks for stopping by Club Scrap Creates, I love seeing you here!
Kay Williamson of Club Scrap


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