Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bold Blooms Stencil with Video!

Even with Retreat weekend, the calendar marches on, and our production staff is hard at work preparing for another shipping day! Club Scrap Junior's Bold Blooms collection leaves the loading dock tomorrow, and we are so excited about this gem!

It's a stencil month (we rotate the stencil between the Club Scrap kit and the Junior kit), and that's always a favorite for me. Kay and I snuck into the studio to film a quick video peek on how to use the poppy stencil with CS® inks and ink applicators. It's a blast! And it will make you look/feel like a genius!

See that background on Kay's layout? We did it with the stencil. And the cool part is that you can make the color of your poppies coordinate with the streamers on Marilee's bike. (Or whatever you've got going on with your photos, of course, cuz I'm guessing you don't have a stash of photos from Marilee's birthday.) Kay also added two of the title stamps from the Unmounted FontArt. She first stamped in the top center of the page, and then again on each side. Great idea!

Without further ado, here's your "spoiler video"!


  1. Wow, what could be simpler?! Terrific stencil--can't wait till my kit comes!

  2. And just wait until you see the simply lovely stenciled card Tricia made in the Junior Rap. It shows all the petal layers that can be added using that stencil, so cool!

  3. love it can't wait to get my kit to use the stencil! Thanks for showing how easy it can be!

  4. OOOoh, gonna have to get this stencil....or maybe the whole kit!!!

  5. Me too Pam! Love the mist too! Fun stuff!

  6. So elegant! Love it!


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