Friday, August 10, 2012

Havin' a Hoot!

Well, it's Retreat weekend.

We've already had four workshops, and the weekend is flying by too quickly! We are having a HOOT of a time!

In the midst of Retreat preparations, this past week was the conclusion of the PSL-Summer Camp season. In honor of the season we release a special edition collection, and this year was no exception. We got such a kick out of the artwork of the special kit in honor of the ever-popular owl. ;)

This kit just makes me wish that I had some googly eyes in my crafting stash. I'm always thinking they'd be a fun embellishment, but I never really have the right thing. Off to the craft store to get googly eyes!!! Look at this image--the owl on the left is really checkin' out the owl on the right.

I didn't have the patience to color each owl part with different colors, so I went with a quick and simple monochromatic coloring.

But this guy--I spent a little extra time using my watercolors. I finished with a "splatter" of watercolor to disguise a few fingerprints/errors. (Shhhh! Don't share my secrets.)

Watch the "Gotta Have More! Dept." for these sweet owls to appear. They are such a HOOT!

Owl be seeing you!


  1. Oh Tricia, I wish you had told me you needed some googly eyes. I have some and would have been happy to share ;)

    Love your Hooters! LOL

  2. Those are stamps I need!! Absolutely the cutest and you made FAB cards, Tricia. I come and colect them in October.
    Have a great time at the retreat!


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