Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Papercrafting...Crafting with Paper. Tomato, To"mah"to?

It was a happy day when I was contacted by CS and asked to be a Guest could I refuse?

I have the most wonderful memories of being part of early CS and made absolutely wonderful and life long friends from this crafty enterprise! I still laugh about being part of one of the earliest retreats and no one knowing quite who I was, ending up with just about an "all-nighter" of demonstrating inky techniques know who you are that were there!

In looking through what digital files I could get my hands on, I just sat and smiled going through many's a few!
After 8 great years at Ranger, what could be crazier than inky overload in day to day work? Why not "crafting-in-all-categories" overload as Director of Education at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts? Yeah, that'll do it. I've just celebrated my 4th anniversary with this East Coast retailer of 141 stores, with everything "content"...Make & Takes, Demonstrations, Crafty Events as well as Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for starters) as well as being the Media Representative on tv segments. Now my brain is in definite overdrive, but my love of papercrafting still resonates in the majority of projects I create for myself, friends and work.

I thought I'd share some of what I've been making to provide some inspiration...the bottom line is that every technique you learn from Club Scrap or anywhere else (especially from your own experimenting), can always translate into something other than a card or scrapbook page; not that anything is wrong with that, but it's nice to sit in your home and to be able to readily see something that you've created become a piece of home decor for everyone to enjoy that YOU made!

Here's some recent cards and true "papercrafting" projects created; most all instructions can be found here.  As for the "crafting with paper" projects, some are not on the internet yet, but you can check back...just think how awesome some of these projects can be with CS paper?
The bottom line is...have fun, don't be afraid to experiment in ideas you have (you might be surprised as to what you can do!) and take the time to make stuff!!!

Wishing you all the most fun in your papercrafting adventures! Robin


  1. Love hearing from Robin! thank you for dropping in on us. :)

  2. Robin, what fun! Thanks for sharing all of your insight and inspiration.

  3. Robin! How great to hear from you - I loved your teaching at those retreats - Connie

  4. I was at that all night inky fest and loved every minute of it. Great that you are here as a blogger.


  5. Love love love!!Robin, because of that inky night.. I found a lifelong friend.. I miss you muchly! I wish you could be at retreat! Big inky hugs!!! Love you!

  6. Awww...thanks so much! Always had SO much FUN with everyone!

  7. Robin, your were soooooo much fun to hang out with on those Inky nights!!!!! I will always be grateful to how awesome you were and so inspiring! I love you and miss you!!!! And I still carry on the name proudly as Janierangerette! People always wonder where I got that name!! Do you remember what my e-mail name was before and why I needed to change it?????


  8. Great to hear from you Robin! I had the pleasure of meeting you once at Ana Araujo's home, for inky fun ofcourse!

  9. Oh Robin, love the trip down memory lane as well as all your great new projects, how awesome! Thanks for continually sharing your talents with us!

  10. Robin, how nice to hear from you! Your layout brought back so many wonderful memories from CS Retreats!!
    Loved all that we learned and all the laughter we shared! Sounds like you are busy as ever sharing your talents.
    Hope our paths cross again soon.....miss you!
    Kathy Weiland

  11. Robin, it's so fantastic to read that you're a guest blogger for Club Scrap and that you're still working at AC Moore. I still reflect on my Ranger U experience so many years ago and that I truly enjoyed your sessions. I learned so much from you, and am happy that you're still sharing your gifts with others.
    Sheila Bacon - Silver Fox Stamps And More

  12. Robin - So great to hear from you! I'll always remember the late night demos at the 2003 Retreat!
    - Jane


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