Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cravin' Salsa?

Thursday Greetings to you from Kay!

Have you heard there is a Salsa Flash Sale going on today?!?!?! In honor of the flash sale, I thought I'd blog about what I'm doing with my Salsa papers this week.

Don't know what to make for supper tonight? I won't have that problem when I fill up my new Salsa Binder with recipes!

Of course the Salsa papers are perfect for a recipe book or a fun recipe exchange project. Here is my start on just that. It went together quickly.

The Salsa Tags are perfect for adding and writing in cooking tricks and tips. I'm looking forward to filling up this new recipe book!
The white salsa print, with its fun embossed color, makes a nice choice for card making. I wanted to get all the printed colors onto the card front, so I added 1" squares and trimmed off the excess before attaching it to the card body.

Here's my salsa any occasion card. It's funny, bright, fresh and ready to go now.

Just hoping you are enjoying the Salsa Flash Sale as much as I am!
Have a great day!


  1. Kay, that Recipe Binder is the bomb! Love the inked edges and the colors are HOT!

    And your card, WOW, very cool with so many layers.

  2. I was the only person at dress as your favorite kit night in Salsa ;)

  3. Salsa was before my time, but I'm really loving those colors and images! WOWZA! That Recipe Binder really reminds me of Artifacts and Adobe (2 of my faves!). Thanks, Kay!

  4. Remember that you can "upcycle" old binders with this nifty idea!

  5. Excellent idea! I have a bunch of Salsa that I was thinking of pulling from my stash and donating to someone as I just hadn't used it. I'll be rethinking that and probably my Culinary stash too. My recipes need some serious organization. Thanks Kay!

  6. What a great project. I have a couple sheets left of that!


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