Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Patina Box Fold Technique

Hey there, Bloggers! Tricia here!

I was cruising around on Pinterest and stumbled upon a clever folded card with four equal sized flaps tucked in like a cardboard box. I wondered if it would work just as well with unequally sized flaps. And, behold!

Here's how I did it, along with the "patina" technique.

Trim one 4-1/8x11" paper. (Welcome Aqua Plain)
Trim one 5-3/8x8-1/2" paper. (Full Circle Clay Plain)

Score the 4-1/8x11" paper horizontally at 2 and 7-1/2".
Score the 5-3/8x8-1/2" paper horizontally at 3 and 7-1/4".

"Test Drive" assembly: Place the 4-1/8x11 paper vertically onto your work surface. Nest the 5-3/8x8-1/2" piece horizontally on top of the vertical piece, as shown. Fold up the bottom, right, and top flaps.

Tuck the left flap beneath the bottom flap.

Grab the Friendship Stamp Set. Smokin' hot sale on that right now, by the way.

Stamp onto the card flaps with the texture stamp and CS® Earth ink.

Stamp onto the flaps with CS® Lagoon and Moss inks until satisfied with the "patina" look.

Stamp the finial image onto the Aqua paper with Earth ink and trim. Matte with Clay and Aqua.

Reassemble the card in the same sequence: bottom, right, top, tuck left. Adhere the finial "closure" onto the upper left flap only. (That is, if you want to be able to open the card.)
Hope you enjoy this one! And remember, it's World Cardmaking Day on Saturday!


  1. WOW!!! what a fun card.....will definitely be trying this one.

  2. Very very cool Tricia! Love how you create such beautifully marbled backgrounds with the stamp.

  3. really cute - love the technique!!

  4. Clever, very clever and way cool too!

  5. Perfect for Natl Cardmaking Day! And perfect for MY day. I was just about to go make a card to send to my nephew and tuck a check into it for a fundraiser he's doing. Won't this be a fun way to do it???

  6. What a cute card, I'll have to try it.


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