Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet CS Staffer, Deb K.!

We thought we'd do this variation on the "12 Favorite Things" with our production manager, Deb, so you can get to know her better. Inspired by a blog entry we came across recently, we asked Deb to share her "currents" with all of you.

listening: to oldies from the 60's.
eating: peanut butter stuffed celery stalks.
drinking: Water Joe (artesian water with caffeine).
wearing: jeans, a denim blouse and tennis shoes.
liking: being up early and enjoying the tranquility before the craziness of the day starts.
feeling: focused and energized. (Yes, the caffeine helps!)
weather: cool fall temps. perfect.
wanting: to take a long walk in the woods and enjoy the fall colors and smells.
needing: to spend more time with my parents.
thinking: oh my gosh! Christmas is barely 2 months away!
enjoying: memories of a recent weekend spent in Seattle with my son and hubby celebrating our birthdays.
wondering: what spooky (but  healthy) appetizer to bring for our CS Halloween lunch?

Deb is beautiful...inside and out!
I so love this time of year. Even though it means Packers games dictate my Sunday plans from now into February, the autumn colors, smells and temps all make me feel so alive. Pumpkin-spiced ANYTHING tops my list of cravings. I want to go for walks, bike rides, travel, do anything to be active, and yes, I even look forward to going to the gym and working out. (Did I really say that?) I think I should dog-nap Driver (the beagle), from Kristin, and take him to the dog park. I can multi-task and pre-plan for holiday shopping and meals while we walk. The question is whether I will remember my ideas when we get back to the car!
I hope to finish Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving this year. But I haven't even started shopping, and have yet to meet an early "deadline"...but maybe this will be the year! Maybe I will even make my Christmas cards, and have them mailed in early December. I'm still breathing, so there is hope!

Meanwhile, today has deadlines that I CAN and NEED to meet at CS, so I'd best get at them. (I think I'm going to stop in and surprise my parents with a visit today, too!)

May God bless you real good today,



  1. Deb, so fun to hear a little more about you.
    We definitely share a few of those things in common. Pumpkin Spiced everything!
    Hope you see your folks today they will love that I am sure. :)

  2. Appreciating Deb and all the wonderful things about her today and always at CS!

  3. Hi Deb!! Thanks for that. Have fun at your parents'!

  4. You are welcome to steal Driver anytime for a romp thru the doggie park! He's been lying in the sun all day snoozing and watching over the baby, he needs some exercise.


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