Monday, October 29, 2012

Passport to FUN!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!

These past few weeks have been busy...but unfortunately, until now, we had to keep most of what was keeping us so busy a "secret". Do you know how hard that is? (Well, I suppose if you attended our August or October Main Retreats, you know exactly how hard that is!) Anyway, tonight is a very special night, because WE KEEP SECRETS NO MORE!!!

You see, tonight is the live chat that officially kicks off the Retreat in a Box event. We can finally show off our Retreat projects along with all of the other Retreat goodness without spoiling anyone's surprise. Whew! What a relief!

My good friend Kay designed it, but I had the pleasure of teaching the project that Retreaters did on the first night of Retreat. This project is called "Passport to Fun"...and it went along perfectly with the travel theme of the 2012 Retreat.

This is the workshop version, stamped with a "Full Circle" quote.
I always think of the Thursday night Workshop as kind of a "warm-up" for all of the other projects attendees will do throughout the weekend...not too hard, but just challenging enough that folks have fun learning something new.
The colorful inside pages featuring my youngest son, Max.

You won't believe how much space there is for photos and other memorabilia. I think I counted at least 34 places for photos or other fun "stuff" among all of the pages and pockets.

(Fun fact: This project measures 5-1/4 x 7-1/4"...all of the invitations and menus from the Retreat meals were 5x7 or smaller...making this the perfect place to store Retreat souveniers!) 

As with most of the Retreat projects, we created different color variations to sell at Retreat in the "Pro Shop". The red and brown colors of this version were perfect for photos from my trip to Arizona earlier this year:

This pink, white, and black version offered a lovely feminine backdrop for photos of my daughter, Emma:

Finally, last but not least...this very cheerful color version with 2 shades of blue with golden yellow. I used this version for photos of my oldest son, Hunter:

I just love the versatility of the accordion-style even includes a cute little grosgrain ribbon "belt" to hold the whole thing together whenever it's not being enjoyed.

So there you have it. What a great project! I know it's not really fair to tease you like this...but I hope you'll visit the Gotta Have More! Dept. to grab a couple for yourself when they go up online next even comes with a free video tutorial featuring moi! Hey, there's no harm in starting your shopping list now, is there?

Creatively yours,


  1. I loved making this!!! It is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this, Karen! It brings back awesome retreat memories!

  2. Looks like a fun project that would make a great Grandma's Brag book type of gift or stocking stuffer. Hmmm. . .

  3. Karen,

    I love the project. I am looking so forward to seeing all of the retreat projects tonight.

    However, . . . . . . Girl, I just have to say that you look awesome. Your hair is so pretty. You look younger and . . . .well, like I said you look awesome.


    1. Stef! You make me blush! Thank you for the kind words...hugs back atcha!

  4. Karen/Kay: This was so much fun to make and I love that it holds all our invitations/menus from retreat. Of course had to have it in every color! Marie

  5. Well since we missed this workshop at retreat...I just finished my kit Saturday night...luckily just before I got sick!! Glad to see my version came out like it was suppose to! Thanks Karen - Fabulous project!!

  6. I'm thinking this will be a great book for our next disney vacation in a few weeks. Bright and colorful!

  7. This project is just so very cool. So very sad that I had to miss the chat last night due to lights out from Hurricane Sandy, but have it now and can't wait to jump in to all the fun projects!

    1. Julie...we're just thankful you're safe!!! Hopefully Sandy is ready to "leave town" so you can get your craft on! :0)

    2. Aw thanks Karen! We are all safe and sound and I think she has definitely left town. :) HUGS!

  8. Karen
    Will those of us who went to retreat get links to the videos for these projects like we did last year?

    1. Retreat attendees should have received links in an email today, Donna Lee. Email me if you didn't get it. :0)

  9. OOOOO! Another way cool book! I'll be stalking GHM!!!


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