Thursday, January 2, 2014

Graffiti ALSB Pages and Greetings to Go Cards

If you like to follow along with us to create pages and cards with your collections, take a look at what you'll make this month!

First up, Greetings to Go . . .

The sheets of black and white cutaparts are fun to decorate to your own taste. I altered mine with our Neon Dabbers and Neon Inks.

My favorite technique is using the "art" stamp + stencil combination. The stencil masks the area around the lettering to make coloring quick and easy!

There's that "art" stamp again! The words "is magic" can be added beneath the word "art". There are several other two-step word combinations on this month's UM stamp sheets.

The White Galaxy Pen included in the kit made the fun, dotty border on the blue card above. If your pen is a slow starter, add a little alcohol to the tip and let it soak in. That's rubbing alcohol. Save the vodka for later. Oh, and have fun with the drippie mist stamp! It's pretty authentic-looking, don't you think?

I was getting white dot happy on that blue "cool" card. I couldn't help myself. And always remember, if you prefer to stamp your own artwork onto your cards, trim the pre-printed cutaparts and use the blank side. They're already sized to fit as panels onto the cards.

You'll have a blast with your ALSB pages this month. Here are a few tips . . .

Alter the 12x12 White "Art" Print with oil pastels. I colored in the image with a heavy hand and then blended with a paper towel to remove excess pastel. It's hard to see here, but I topped the white ink on the Black base paper on right with Neon Dabbers to add a little color.

Use a little brute force to pull the chalkboard from the clip and use it as a title board on your layouts. (Or, keep the clip on the mini board, and do all sorts of other things with it. Add a magnet and put it on your fridge, or clip it to your assorted cheese tray so folks know what they're eating. I love cheese.)

The embellishment pack contains the sweetest little square brads. We made the pack from what we call "brad soup." The soup contains an assortment of tons of different colors, so keep in mind that your soup might look different from my soup. I used a pink brad to attach the satin ribbon.

The multi-colored nylon ribbon used to accent this page will be quite crinkly when it first comes out of the package. I rested my heat tool on the edge of my desk and held the ribbon several inches away while stretching and smoothing it out. Lazy-girl's iron.

I colored the word "art" on the 12x12 left base page with a blue gelato and blended with a waterbrush. The "imagination" quote was stamped with White Pigment ink.

Color the 12x12 White Graffiti print with Neon Dabbers and then trim into six 4x6 mattes. Adding photos to the mattes will turn down the excitement a bit!

Pages 13-14 are always the most challenging. I have to ensure that I've left enough materials to round out the final spread. I made it with barely a scrap to spare!

We hope you have fun making pages and cards with your Graffiti collection. If you don't have one on the way, it's not too late to Join Us!



  1. Love it all Tricia - thank you so much.

  2. bravo - loving this!
    Sandra ltb

  3. LOVE it oh and cheese, I love cheese. So ready to not work and just craft!

  4. THAT DRIPPY MIST IS A STAMP?!!!! OMG, Love that!!!!

  5. I've got to have the drippy stamp, so cool!

  6. I can't wait to play with this kit! The spray paint drip stamp is gonna be my new fav!

  7. Such a fun kit, I have already ordered extra of some items, can't wait for the kit to arrive on the 7th, and the Digital kit is super fantastic also!

  8. Nice and bright start of a new and fresh year! Fyn cards and great scrapbook pages!!

  9. I love these cards! I also love the art" stamp + stencil combination that allows me to mask the area. Oh, yes, the drippy stamp how cool is that?!? Yea! Thanks. Cannot wait to receive my kit.

  10. Thanks, Tricia. This kit will go well w the neon ink sets.

  11. I can't wait...... really I can't....... I think I am really gonna like this kit!

  12. I'm really diggin' this graffiti kits. I love each and every piece of it. So cool. Leave it to club scrap to come up with these ideas.

  13. I am SOOO missing getting these kits! You have the BEST quality of papers and I love the ease of the layouts. I just have so much stuff piling up that it is a waste right now for me to get them. :( but who knows maybe soon.


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