Thursday, January 16, 2014

Graffiti Chalkboard Paper Techniques

Now that the Graffiti Lite Kit has shipped, you'll be seeing the Chalkboard Paper Goodie soon!

This 12x12 sheet may look like another piece of black paper at a glance, but it has a very unique finish that resembles a chalkboard texture! It's perfect for chalkboard art and stamping effects.

Chalkboard Easel Technique

1. Use White Pigment Ink and a Foam Applicator to rub ink onto the outer edges of a 3.75x4.5" Chalkboard panel. Then add a few more cloudy-looking smudges to the interior. Thankfully, this isn't a project that requires neatness.

2. Stamp a sentiment onto the panel with White Pigment ink. (Image from the UM Greeting.)

3. Use the Graffiti Souffle Pen and Grid Ruler to make a border around the perimeter of the panel. (When I first used this pen, I was worried it wasn't going to show up. Give it a moment to dry and its white opaque quality shines through!)

4. Cut, score and fold a piece of brown paper to create a 4.25x6" card base. Use a craft knife to remove cardstock 1" from bottom and 3/4" from the left and right edges.

5. If desired, stamp onto the card base and distress edges with Earth Ink.

6. Layer the chalkboard panel onto a white panel and adhere to the card base.

7. Finish with embellishments from your stash and stamp a greeting inside. 

The Chalkboard Sectional

1. Cut a 4.5x6.5" ChalkBoard Paper panel and repeat step one from above. Place an 8 x 8" Grid Ruler over the panel and arrange stamps to fit within the space, keeping in mind there will be straight lines drawn between the images.

3. Stamp the images onto the panel with White Pigment ink.

4. Use the Grid Ruler and Souffle Pen to create a border and sections between stamped images.

5. Color open spaces with colored pencils (Pastel pencils and watercolor pencils worked well, too. Try testing onto the back of the panel.)

6. Matte the panel with the Graffiti White Print and attach to a 5x7" card base.

Doodle Chalkboard Card

1. Cut  ad 6x4.25" Chalkboard Paper panel and treat with White Pigment Ink to give it a chalkboard effect. Stamp a greeting with White Pigment ink. Doodle and color the panel with colored pencils. 

2. Adhere the panel to a 4.5x6.25" card base.

Have fun with your very own sheet of this amazing Chalkboard Paper!

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  1. Awesome technique, Kay. So easy and so effective!
    Your cards are great.

  2. a great idea and I really like it

  3. These are such fun cards. I've done the chalkboard technique with plain cardstock, so I'm really excited to play with the special type of paper - the results look fabulous!

  4. Love these cards, they are just awesome! Thanks fro sharing the measurements and everything.

  5. Wow Kay! You never cease to amaze!! Love these.
    Mary S

  6. Thanks! This fun paper got me inspired!

  7. Awesome projects - love the way you made the "easel".....will have to try that with my other Valentine stamps from CS.

  8. Thank you for the great inspiration! So many ideas.....

  9. What a great looking card and a wonderful technique! I must have some on this paper.


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