Friday, January 17, 2014

Graffiti's Gelli Plate Frame-Up

I had another fun play date with my new Gelli Printing Plate. Oh my, if you haven't gotten one yet . . . we can fix that! We have them right in the store!

I had all sorts of fun impressions after my session with the plate, and wondered what I could make with the colorful panels. This is where I landed:

If you want to play along, here's what you'll need to do . . .

1. Remove the protective plastic film from the plate and squirt a few dabs of acrylic paint onto the plate. (My daughter came home from the store with these colors and said she thought they were so fun! I took them from her. Shhhhh . . .)

2. Spread the paint onto the plate with a brayer.

3. Add texture to the rolled out paint by stamping the plate with the splatter noise image on the Graffiti Art Nouveau UM. Stamp the paint-loaded image onto a separate sheet of paper each time, and you'll get a bonus sheet of artwork!

4. Press a piece of plain white paper onto the plate and burnish to make excellent contact over the entire surface. Lift, and say, "Ahhhh!"

5. Repeat. Once you get the mess going, you'll want to keep playing until you have several sheets to work with. I made more than eight different impressions and could have played all afternoon! Clean the gelli plate, brayer and stamps when finished.

6. Trim a set of twelve 2.5" squares from the parent art sheets. Stamp the art squares with assorted images from the Graffiti collection. Matte with 2.75" black squares. (TIP: You'll get sixteen 2.75" mattes from one sheet of 12x12 paper, or twelve 2.75" mattes from one sheet of 8.5x11 paper.)

7. Gaze at all of that yummy color and texture. Oh, my. Then, plan your 12x12 page. The 2.75" squares make a perfect, equally-spaced border around the outside edges. Use a grid ruler to assist with alignment.

8. Create a page title with a Graffiti Lite cutapart and painted alphabet Thickers.

9. Add a caption or journaling directly onto an art square with your favorite black journaling pen.

10. Stand back. Admire. Long for another afternoon with your gelli plate.

Life is beautiful, indeed.


  1. Can I say awesome!!! this is gorgeous Tricia.

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  3. AWESOME is right! Love the pop of colors and Emily did great picking those out!

  4. hmmmm, i'm thinking i'm gonna need me a gelli plate. looks like a lot of fun to play with....

    1. Yes. Honestly, I'd resisted it myself for a while. But once I hopped on this ship, I was in love. It's incredibly easy. You can't screw it up. It's like acrylic paint magic.

  5. Tricia, I'm really liking this. How did you achieve the woodgrain look? (Pic between step 6 & 7.)

    1. Hi, Arlene! That's an excellent question. The look was achieved by a combination of the amount of paint used (a bit more in this case) and the magic created by the brayer as I rolled it over the paint. Could I re-create that same texture if I tried? No clue! I need more playtime! :) The gelli plate picks up every little nuance of texture, which is one of the reasons I've enjoyed it so much.

  6. Wooo, loving this layout! Such a great way to showcase this technique. And those square mats would be perfect for adding in some Instagram photos. Hmmmm, ideas are forming... :)

  7. Sure sounds like so much fun, my gelli plate arrives tomorrow!

  8. Oh My more craft this... gotta have it!

  9. Love the things you made with it!
    I have one and they are alot of fun!!


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