Monday, January 6, 2014

Graffiti and a Pop of Color

If you utilize your entire kit with the ALSB instructions each month, there may never be a need to use that sweet little layout card included with your membership*. Just remember--it's there for you!

The 12x12 Black Smooth Prints were used as a base for this Graffiti layout, and I added the 8.5x11 White Felt Print and White Felt Plains along with an 8.5x11" portion of that gorgeous coated Pink from the collection. While it wasn't included in the original paper pack, individual 12x12 sheets are available. Scope out your paper stash for other bright colors to add some pop to the set!

The photos were from an historical boat ride through several old locks and dams on the Fox River. The industrial look and water theme of the pictures worked surprisingly well with this collection!

I had a blast adding stamped images and accenting them with the White Galaxy Marker. All told, it took me longer to write this blog post than it did to make this layout. I love that!

Thanks for checking in today!

*Members will receive a special email with the link to the layout card.


  1. Love how you embellished the stamps with the white pen Tricia! That pink paper is so vibrant - I love it! Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I love that too Marya! Great layout Tricia!!

  3. beautiful layouts they colors and white pen make them pop on the black!

  4. Love the bright bold colors of this layout!

  5. Love the ink, the layout has a FIZZ feel to it!

  6. Been waiting awhile for a good white pen-looking forward to playing with it. Also the black and white POP is going to be handy for cardmaking. How about making us a $10 POP of that glorious color paper?

  7. Wonderful spreadfor a wonderful boattrip!
    And beautiful lettering.

  8. Nice layout, I got the pops and wished there were some of the colors mixed in there, I usually use the pops for matting was a little disappointed that there wasn't any color sheets.


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