Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Big Deal Deck With A Window

The creative thoughts are flowing for the Big Deal Custom Card Deck Project from yesterday's post! Just to name a few . . .

  • 52 Reasons why I love You Mini Album
  • Wallet-sized photo brag book that can be easily carried along
  • A photo from each week of the year album
  • Artist trading card collection holder
  • Record lists, reminders, reasons, and ideas

Today I'd like to show you my "Deck With A Window" mini album.

With so many cards in the deck, I felt there were plenty to spare for cutting windows.

1. Use craft knife and grid ruler to cut a window 1/2" from all outside edges. I cut six cards this way, but you can decide how deep you want the nook to be by doing more or less. Cut the same number of cards 1" from left edge and 1-1/2" from left edge, keeping the other three sides at 1/2" as show below.

2. Rubber stamp and decorate cards.

3. Insert into the Card Deck Book.

4. To add more windows to the game, stamp large card suit shapes (Big Deal Collection UM) onto cards. Remove the shapes with a craft knife.

5. Decorate and layer onto other embellished cards in album. Fill album to desired thickness.

This card deck has so much potential!

I'm looking forward to seeing the creations and mini albums you deal out with your project kit.

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Kay this is a great way to use this fun little deck!!

  2. I'm just mazed at the ideas you come up with!

  3. I love anything with niches and this is particularly cute. Thank you so much Kay.

  4. Awesome, Kay, love all the different ways you make the pages.

  5. fabulous inspiration for this project!

  6. Kay, all great ideas for this project. I might need to copy some!

  7. unbelievable. How do you dream up all these cool ideas, then find the time to make them happen?

  8. Lovely project, Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love flipping through mini albums that have unexpected details like these Kay! It's such a great way to combine memory keeping and art!

  10. fun, now you're really stretching the limit ;) and don't stop.

  11. Well that is inspirational & I am gonna have to try it

  12. Thanks so much!! I just love these little projects also. They don't always get done in one sitting, but once a project gets started its fun to steal crafting moments throughout the week until complete. Cutting the same sized nook into the complete deck and gluing the pages all together would have been cool too, making room for placing dimensional elements inside. Then again, I'd like to do another with just my favorite rubber stamped quotes inside...ya, I probably do have over 50!

  13. Very nice project, you're very creative


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