Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Metallic Marvels Ghosting Technique

Good Wednesday morning, everyone!

Community member Lori Bethke created a wonderful array of cards from the Retreat 2009 Metallic Marvels workshop. Member Debby H. was intrigued and asked about this workshop, which was before she joined the club, and has since become unavailable.

I wanted to share one of the many techniques taught during this Retreat Workshop. The one I will share with you today is called ghosting and involves the use of a rubber brayer, matte and glossy panels, and a variety of metallic re-inkers. On a side note, I am going to experiment with the Neon Dabbers and see what happens.  I promise to post pictures with my results.

Back to the tutorial.

Step 1. Squeeze out 2 pools of re-inker (copper and gold) onto your glossy cardstock panel. I used a metallic green cardstock from the Raku collection. Using the rubber brayer, roll the ink out onto the panel using a bouncy type motion until the entire panel is covered.

Step 2. Use a stamp, press down into the wet inks, and slide the stamp to create the ghost. Please note, you are only sliding the stamp over about an 1/8 of an inch or so. It creates a drop shadow effect, very cool!
Watercolor Blossom stamp on inked Raku Metallic Green cardstock.
Ghosting on Glossy White cardstock with Aspen leaf stamp
Ghosting on Raku Metallic Green cardstock with Aspen leaf stamp
Step 3. Use the same stamp, still wet with the ink from the ghosting technique and stamp onto white cardstock to create even more art panels.

Step 4. Trim out your art panels to use on your cards.

Bonus Technique:

Step 1. Use the wet brayer from the ghosting technique to ink up a stamp.  Stamp on cardstock panel.

Step 2. Roll the brayer, used to ink the stamp, onto another piece of cardstock.  This creates the negative impression of the stamp onto the cardstock.

Step 3. Create cards using the panels.
Black cardstock stamped panel, Random Doorways Red and Yellow cardstock and Watercolor Blossoms sentiment.
Black cardstock brayer panel, Random Doorways Yellow and Cruisin' Coral cardstock, and Big Deal sentiment.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and maybe we will see a few of these techniques used during this week's Metallic Challenge for Assembly Line Boot Camp.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great week.



  1. Super cool, maybe as long as the lights stay on I could do that (and find the pieces ha) today on my snow day!

  2. Very cool!I have all the reinkers but not the workshop - love this!!

  3. These are such cool techniques Julie! I love how you can get several different results out of one go! Thanks for showing us.

  4. Thank you so much! Although I don't have reinkers, I'll bet the same technique will work with acrylic paint and the Gelli plate. Maybe with the more fluid distress paints.

  5. These look great. Thanks for revisiting that technique.

  6. OMG, JULIE!!! You should have titled this post "To Infinity and Beyond!" Because the metallic love just goes on and on! I can't wait to go play with this technique!!!

  7. Great technique, Julie and a lot of beautifulcards!

  8. Great to be reminded of this wonderful Retreat technique. This was such a fun class!

  9. Gorgeous! May have to acquire some metallic reinkers!! :)

  10. Gorgeous! May have to acquire some metallic reinkers!! :)

  11. love this technique - thanks for all the ideas...

  12. Gorgeous cards, Julie!! Thanks for posting! (That was such a fun class . . . )

  13. These are great Julie! And what a surprise for me to see my array of cards on the blog!:)

  14. Thanks for teaching the technique, Julie. I will add to my file of "things to try".

  15. I don't think I bought those metallic reinkers

  16. wow, you got a lot of mileage out of this technique! Thanks for sharing!


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