Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fun With Wood Tape

After viewing your Trees ALSB and the Greetings To Go, you already have a good idea of what to expect when you receive your beautiful collection. Let's take an even closer look at one of the goodies inside the kit . . . the 1" Self-Adhesive Wood Tape.

Wood Tape On Votive Candle Holder
Wood Tape Cut and Colored 
Wood Tape Gift Tag
Rubber Stamped Wood Tape

Wood Tape Scrapbook Page Border Strip and Embellishment
"Wood" you like to know more details? Read on!

Wooden Taped Votive

1. Use India Black Ink to rubber stamp onto tape.

2. Peel off backing and wrap around candle holder.

3. Add a candle and enjoy.

Wood Tape Cut & Colored Card

1. Use Grid Ruler and craft knife to cut tape into 1/4" strips.

2. Color by dragging ink pad over the wood tape strip.

3. Attach strips to card panel using a grid ruler for guidance.

4. Add sentiment and more strips, embellish.

Wooden Gift Tag

1. Use paper scrap as a backing and attach wooden tape seamlessly until completely covered.

2. Trim off uneven tape ends.

3. Rubber stamp a greeting with the Trees Collection UM and Trees Borders & Backgrounds UM.

4. Attach an eyelet and ribbon for gift tag use.

Rubber Stamped Greeting

1. Rubber stamp onto wooden tape with the Trees Collection UM sentiment. Remove backing and attach to a card panel.

I hope you feel a bit more acquainted with this fun, easy-to-use Trees goodie. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create with yours!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. WOW so many wonderful ideas for a seemingly simple goodie. Love all of your ideas Kay. Can't wait to share on Thursday what I created using it ;)

  2. What a wonderful set! Love this kit!

  3. Did anyone say Wow yet, As always Kay you have blown me away.,

  4. That tape is wonderful,Kay and you have shared somany inspiring ideas with us.
    Have to try this!!

  5. This looks like a great kit. Mine should be here Thursday and I'm off work that day. :)
    Thanks Kay for sharing such great ideas.

  6. WOW is right, this is such wonderful art and real inspiration to get my hands dirty!!!

  7. I love the candle idea, a very cute inexpensive gift idea!

  8. Great ideas, can't wait to play with the tape.

  9. What is the boxy stamp used under the strip on the card on the right?

    1. it's the backgrounding squares stamp on the Collection Unmounted Rubber plate. way cool, eh?

  10. Love the wood tape!! Gotta get me some....

  11. Those are all super cute, Kay. Neat embellishment!
    Beth M

  12. Mahalo for these fabulous tutes on using wood tape. Who would have known such a great crafting medium existed for paper crafts and more?

  13. Wow - I can't wait to get my hands on that stuff!

  14. I think my favorite is changing the color of the wood tape - so many possibilities! Thanks for inspiring us Kay!

  15. My only question is where can I get a whole roll of this tape! It looks like GHM has snippets but, greedy me(!), I want LOTS for all of these cool ideas!


    1. You can get an entire 15-foot roll right here:
      (Just a few left.)


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