Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trees Bottle Cap Bonanza

Now that the Trees Lite kit is on its way to you, it's time to explore the Burlap Bottle Caps and Epoxy Dots goodie!
Bottle Cap Accordion
Take Wing Art Nouveau Stamp with Bottle Cap Goodie
Bottle Cap Page Embellishment

1. Use a 1" punch to create artwork for the center of the bottle cap. It can be filled with stamped art, pre-printed cutaparts, photos, ticket stubs or anything your heart desires. Attach the artwork to the cap with double-sided adhesive.

2. Place the self adhesive sticker on top of the artwork.

3. Attach the cap to your project with a Glue Line.

4. Anchor the bottle caps with a few green hand cut leaves and layer onto a page with the 12" Beige cutaparts.

Trees Lite White Print 12x12 Scrapbook Layout
Bottle Cap Accordion

1. Cut the "magnificent" 1.25" strip from Trees Beige Cutapart (or if you'll use it in the ALSB, select other paper).

2. Trim the strip to 7-1/2".

3. Score every 1.25" and fold along the score lines to create an accordion.

4. Use the 1/2" setting on a Corner Chomper to round all corners of the little accordion. Open the folds if you are unable to punch through all of the layers at once.

5. Decorate the mini accordion with rubber stamped images and photos.

6. Prepare two decorated bottle caps to be used as covers for the mini book.

7. Apply adhesive to back of each cover and attach to the accordion.

8. Fold to press together. How cute is that?

Thank you for exploring the Trees Bottle Cap goodie with me. 

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. Oh my gosh, what a cute idea to make a teeny tiny album with the bottle caps. Thanks for sharing all the tips and techniques. I never would have thought about using the corner rounder to do the work for me. Great idea.

    1. Thanks so much! I was thrilled when the Corner Chomper 1/2" rounder side did the trick. Easy, quick good results :)

  2. Really love this super cute idea!

  3. How do you do this,Kay,it is just tooooo adorable! Love love this tiny miny album.


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