Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No-Limits Layout Card

Just in case you forgot, members get a brand new layout sketch every month. Be sure to download your new formula right away so you can "shop" for inspiration on your laptop, tablet, or printed stack of ideas.

Remember . . . the layout cards can be used with any papers from your stash, not just the collection for that month!

I used our latest recipe from March with paper from the Trees collection but then dipped into my old stash of UM stamps for a few simple captions and the page title. Do you recognize the stamps I used for the title?

Speaking of . . . be sure to take a gamble on our exciting unmounted stamps seconds sale starting today. We have an impressive inventory of near-perfect sheets ready to be loved at a price you won't believe. Beth said she'd do her best to accommodate all unique stamps for multiple quantities of the 5-pack, as long as they are placed within the same order number.

Have fun!


  1. Love the layout Tricia and thanks for the reminder about the sale!

  2. UM Stamps from Mirror Mirror, right?

  3. Sweet! Love the monthly layout sketch you always do Tricia!

  4. Great layout, Tricia. I like this sketch. This is a really good one for rotating based upon the orientation of the photos one wants to use.

    1. Thanks! On this one, I kept going back and forth with the left/right pages. If I had to do it over again, I would have switched things up a bit more and flip-flopped. Hindsite. It's good "rotating" material, for sure!

  5. great sketch and I love that layout


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