Thursday, August 14, 2014

Acrylic Block Stamping, Digital Style

A couple of weeks ago, Karen blogged about using an acrylic block to create a stamp background. You can read that post HERE. The digital wheels started turning the minute I saw her idea.

Here’s my digital version of that technique , , ,

I’m using Photoshop CC for this tutorial, but you should be able to do this with any graphics program that supports layers.

1. Create a new document with a white background.

2. Create a new Layer.

3. Using the Marquee tool, create a 4x5.25" rectangle.

4. Switch to the Brush tool and pick a 'spatter' style brush. I used 'Spatter 24 pixels'.

5. Increase the size to 700 pixels.

6. Choose a light blue color and ‘click’ along the edge of the rectangle.

7. Continue to ‘click’ along the outer edge to create a frame.

8. Create a new layer, choose a darker blue, and reduce the size of the brush to 500 pixels.

9. ‘Click’ along the outer edge to form a second frame.

10. Reduce the opacity of each of the layers until you achieve a look you like.

11. Add a couple of mattes and images to complete a card panel. I used a background and a few stamps from the Cinema Digital Kit.

I hope you’ll give this quick and easy technique a try the next time you need to frame some stamped images for your digital cards and layouts.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.



  1. Oh how fun Ron! Thanks for making it so quick and easy!

  2. Holy awesomeness, Ron! It always amazes me what you can re-create digitally. So cool!

  3. thanks for the tip and love the card!

  4. Ron, you always make it look so easy - thanks for the tip


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