Monday, August 4, 2014

Page-in-a-Pocket Album Instructions

The Page-in-a-Pocket Album included in the CS Cinema collection is a quick project to assemble. Once you learn how easily it comes together, you'll want to make more!

Supply List:
Page-in-a-Pocket Album Kit
Adhesive or CS Bookbinding Glue/Foam Brush
Bone Folder
Scissors or Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Envelope Punch Board
Cinema Embellishment Pack

1. Nest the "Now Showing" portion of the White Cutapart from the Embellishment Pack onto the 3.75x4" Black Matte included in the project kit and set aside.

2. Score each Wine pocket page horizontally at 2.5 and 6.75" and vertically at .75".

3. Place the Black Spine vertically into the Score-Pal and score at 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, and 2.5".

4. Move the spine 1/8" to the right, and add a score between each existing scoreline.

5. Use a craft knife or scissors to remove the outer scored corners from each Wine pocket page. Cut along the inside of the scoreline to remove the line itself. This will allow the pocket page to function properly.

6. Fold along scorelines and burnish with a bone folder.

7. Glue or adhere the flaps to form the pocket.

8. Fold the 3/4" flap along the scoreline to form the base of the pocket. Apply adhesive to the flap.

9. Place the glued flap onto the non-seamed side of a second pocket, aligning the bottom edges.

10. Continue to glue the remaining pockets together in the same manner.

11. Adhere the final flap to secure.

12. Apply adhesive to one 1.5" non-scored area of the Black spine.

13. Place the glued area onto the stack of pocket pages, aligning the 1.5" scoreline with the left edge of the first page.

14. Apply adhesive to the second 1.5" flap of the spine and attach to the back pocket page with the scoreline aligned with the edge of the back cover. There will be a gap between the edges of the pockets and spine.

15. Center the nested cover panel onto the front page of the book.

16. Place an Aqua page insert vertically on an Envelope Punch Board. Center the left corner onto the board and punch.

17. Slide the paper left to the 2.75" measurement and punch.

18. Use a scissors or craft knife to remove the strip of paper past the punched area to create a tab.

19. Punch the upper right corner of each page with the corner rounding side of the punch. Repeat steps 16-19 for all Aqua page inserts.

20. Flip every other Aqua page to alternate the direction of the tabs.

21. Adhere the tab labels from the White Cutapart included in the Embellishment Pack to the tabs.

22. Slide the Aqua page inserts into the Wine pockets.

23. Decorate the cover, pockets, tabs, and inserts as you wish!

The end. 

We hope you enjoy this sweet little project. Be sure to share the results with us!


  1. It is a really cut project! I hope to see it today in the mail!

  2. Love this so much!! And can I add, I love how you incorporate the cutaparts into the sheet that comes in the embellishment pack. Very efficient!

  3. I commented on yesterday's post too, but I really love the page with the projector and how the photo was cut to be displayed in the light - so much fun!

  4. This album looked super-cute at first glance, but when I saw how interactive it is IRL with the slide-out tab pages in the pockets, well, I was blown away!

  5. It's so cute and fun to make, and if you ask me it has just the right amount of space for decorating with pics & stuff!

  6. Tricia, you make it look so easy! Great project1

  7. What fun! I love mini books and this is just "the ticket" for this kit ;) Sorry, couldn't resist!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Tricia

    I just got my kit this afternoon and had to play with this project. It was really easy following your instructions and I had a lot of fun creating this little gem. I just need to figure out how I want to decorate it.

    Thanks for this fun project

  9. This is another super FUN and effective project for making a little book.
    I love little books, Tricia!

  10. Replies
    1. You can find the project kit in our online store:



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