Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cinema Blog Hop

Welcome to the hop! Today's blogger projects star Club Scrap's August Cinema collection.

Last year at our annual Retreat, I taught an altered composition notebook project. Ever since then, I've been enamored with the concept . . . how something so simple, so utilitarian, can be easily transformed into something special and fun. And with it being back-to-school time, these handy notebooks are readily available at a great deal.

My children spend many a Friday night with my parents. It's a tradition started long ago when they were babies. Mom said the key to a healthy marriage is "date night" and her gift was Friday night sleepovers. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Friday night at Gma and Gpa's usually involves watching the latest DVD releases or playing board games--or both!

I thought it would be fun for Hunter, Emma and Max to keep record of the movies they've seen, maybe even jot down notes or "reviews" of the movies. That's where this twist on the typical altered comp book comes in. Here's how it's done:

Use a craft knife, cutting mat, ruler (and lots of elbow grease) to cut comp book in half.
Spread bookbinding glue onto front cover surface with foam brush; add paper.
Flip cover over and trim away excess paper with craft knife and cutting mat.
Spread bookbinding glue on inside cover. Add paper, leaving
a 1/2-inch gutter between paper and spine. Trim away excess.
Embellish as desired.
I decorated the front cover by adding CS Cinema ribbon near the binding, washi tape along the bottom edge, and Cinema Lite Alphabeans stickers matted on a black strip. I also added the beautiful blue velvet ribbon to create a "bookmark" of sorts.

I used the other half of the comp book to create a log for game nights, using papers and fibers
from our Big Deal collection, Cinema Lite Alphabeans stickers and scrabble tile stickers from my stash. 

There you have it! Two fun-sized journals/logs for the price of one. Are you ready to see what our other bloggers have in store for us? Julie at Cape Cod Scrapper is up next. If you get lost along the way, there's a complete Hop list below. Enjoy!

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  1. Terrific project, Karen. I love your family traditions! I think these notebooks will contain lots of special memories with Gma and Gpa!

  2. What a great tradition, and such a fun and creative way to record those memories!

  3. I was thinking hmm where did that "7" paper come from? Guess it's time to open my paper pack and flip through it ;) Cute albums!!

  4. Karen, I love the idea of keeping track of what you've watched and this is such a fun tradition your children have with their grandparents! I love the half-size of these notebooks - perfect for this type of memory keeping. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Really cut idea Karen! Also you can ask any of the big box office supply stores to cut those books in half for you. They have giant cutters that make it easy. I love the idea of keeping track of the movies you've seen and commenting on them. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Great suggestion, Donna. I bet having them cut for you is a heck of a lot easier, LOL.

  6. How cool! What a great tradition. I can imagine going through those journals 10 years from now.

  7. That is such a fun idea! Love that you thought to chop the journal in half!! Awesome.

  8. Clever right off the bat cutting the notebook in half! how fun to be able to look back on the movies you've watch and how you felt about them at the time, cool!

  9. Okay! I would NEVER have thought of cutting the books in half. It's genius, I tell ya. Genius!!!
    also love Donna's idea of having them cut. Our print shop in town does that too. These are gorgeous!

  10. Great idea and I like including the ribbon marker also as a bookmark.

  11. What a fun idea,Karen and such a great thought of your parents.
    Love the movie books.

  12. What fun! It's great that your parents take them each Friday - but it'll be even more special for your kids when they get older - and the journal is a perfect way to keep those memories alive!!

    Thanks for sharing the great idea Karen :)

  13. Super cute! Great ideas. So creative.

  14. What a good idea for those composition book. I love how you decorated them to suit their purposes.

  15. I love those!! did you use the corner chomper to round the new sides? How many chomps did it take?

  16. Karen, great project. I wish I had seen this when my kids were younger. My mom and dad came down every Saturday to spend the day with my children. They would go out for lunch and more likely than not wind up at a store for a coloring book or small toy. Precious memories.


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