Friday, August 15, 2014

Cinema Lite Details

Introducing . . . the Cinema Lite collection!

Let's take a closer look at the pairs of pages you can make by following the assembly instructions. Double click on any image to see an enlargement.

Layouts 1&2
The ticket on the right is trimmed from the Stone cutapart.

Simply slide the ticket beneath the matted anchoring strip.
The luxurious stitched satin ribbon selection reminds me of a filmstrip. Perfection.
Layouts 3&4
The partial star image was framed on the Stone cutapart. Simply trim and place on the right edge of a journaling box. 
My classic little trick of cutting around artwork on the base print to allow it to stay "up front" works well with these designs.
Layouts 5&6
Jacqueline cleverly designed the filmstrip on the Stone cutapart to fit the adorable Alphabeans alpha stickers we've included.
Made loops of ribbon and tape the ends to the back of an anchoring strip. It looks great and uses very little ribbon. And that masking stencil rocks!
Cut slits into the base page and slide an anchoring strip beneath the highlighted artwork.
I adore those alphabet stickers! They're small, and it works well to remove them from the base sheet with a tweezers.
Layouts 7&8
Here are those ribbon loops again!
 The "millions of memories" cutapart strip really pops when matted with Black and the plain side of an unused cutapart. More details in the instruction document.
Whether you choose to adhere to the assembly instructions or simply follow your own creative inspiration, this collection is sure to be a show-stopper!



  1. Love that masking stencil and all the pages look great!!

  2. I'm loving the letter stickers and agree the stencil looks fabulous! Can't wait to get the pizza box in my hands.

  3. I love this kit and all the layouts. Can you make an ugly kit just one month - ha ha just kidding - none of us would like that!


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