Monday, July 21, 2014

Club Stamp Ships Today

Hurray, hurray, Club Stamp ships today!

I'm so glad there are more Oopsie Daisy papers and designs to share with the release of Club Stamp! I'm a big fan of the text weight print included in the kit, so I've crafted a gift box and bracelet using this paper.

Club Stamp Oopsie Daisy Papers
It's a great presentation when the gift and gift box match, right?

To make the bracelet . . .

1. Cut the 8.5x11 Text Weight Print into fourths and then into strips. Roll paper strips around anything that's approximately 1/8" thick to create beads. Fasten with Book Binding Glue brushed onto the last inch of the strip.

2. Thread paper beads onto elastic cord.

3. Tie a knot to secure and tuck ends into the beads.

To make the gift box . . .

1. Cut box base and lid from Book Board. The following dimensions were used for my box:

(1) 2-3/8x1-1/2" Box Base
(2) 2-3/8x2-1/2" Front & Back Walls
(2) 1-1/4x2-1/2" Side Walls
(1) 1-7/8x2-3/4" Lid Top
(2) 1/2x2-3/4" Front and Back Lid Walls
(2) 1/2x1-5/8" Side Lid Walls

2. Use Bookbinding Glue to attach Book Board pieces.

3. Refer to past Club Scrap projects and workshops for wrapping box with text weight paper. Use any method you like as long as the box is covered.

The four mini prints on one 8.5x11" make it so easy to give this little handmade box some character!

Club Stamp Oopsie Daisy Papers
I look forward to seeing what you'll do with your Club Stamp papers!

Kay at Club Scrap


  1. I adore your book board projects Kay and this one is no exception. Super cute and the rolled paper bead bracelet is so sweet!!

  2. I love your bracelet and adorable gift box, Kay! Can you tell me what kind of knife that is that you cut the book board with?

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    2. Thanks Arlene, It does help a lot having a heavier utility type knife when cutting Book Board. With the normal craft-knife I think I counted once that it takes approx 13 passes to cut through, so it can be done but isn't as efficient as a heavier knife. This knife measures about 4" long and folds up like a pocket knife, so it's in-between a craft-knife and a carpet knife is size, found at local hardware/home improvement store. Hoping this helps:)

  3. Beautiful creation! I love the bracelet and the gift box is darling.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yippee! another of Kay's super cute projects!

  5. Yippee! another of those super cute Kay's project.

  6. Can't wait to try this project. The beads are adorable and a new thing to try. Looking forward to more ideas.

  7. Love this....and I probably have a great stash of papers to make up some fun gift boxes. Thanks bunches for sharing this great project.


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